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Wholesale Drink Dispensers – Elevate Beverage Service with Versatility.Our drink dispensers are capable of supplying hot and cold beverages, enhancing your buffet catering service. And we support custom beverage dispensers to meet your different business needs.

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What is a “drink dispenser” ?

Drink dispenser also called juice dispenser and beverage dispenser.They are suitable for various occasions, including parties, restaurants, weddings, hotels, Halloween celebrations, family gatherings and commercial events, providing convenient beverage service.

How do drink dispensers keep drinks hot and cold?

Drink dispenser typically consists of a container, a tap or spigot, and a stand, providing a convenient way to serve both hot and cold drinks.

  • Insulated Container or Thermal Column: Some high-end drink dispensers come equipped with built-in thermal columns or containers that effectively isolate the external temperature, preserving the beverage temperature.
  • Ice Core: Drink dispensers are designed with removable ice cores, allowing for chilling without diluting the beverages.
  • Stainless Steel Insulation Material:The stainless steel material used in Dongzhaowei products has excellent insulation property and effectively maintains the temperature of the beverage.

How to select drink dispenser?

Drink dispenser is a device designed to store and dispense beverages. They have different shapes ,size,materials,cold and hot Insulation. DONGZHAOWEI has some advice for you how to select a suitable chafing dish.

  1. The shape and capacity — drink dispenser have barrel, tower and purse shape. Capacity ranges from 1 to 5 gallons. Choose the appropriate capacity based on your needs, suitable for different scales of events and occasions.
  2. Cold and hot insulation functionality — Select styles with insulation functionality to ensure cold beverages stay cool and hot beverages stay warm.
  3. Exterior Material–Transparent glass and plastic material, can clearly see drinks, easy for users to choose. Now many drink dispenser are made by stainless steel 201 which is easy clean, and can be customized according to your needs in golden, silver, etc

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