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Welcom to explore our extensive collection of chafing dishes. Our stainless steel chafing dishes is stylish and practical, perfect for enhancing buffet catering service. As your trusted chafing dish wholesale supplier, we offer a wide range of options to meet the unique needs of your business.

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What is chafer ?

Chafers, also called chafing dish, food warmer, buffet server. You can use it for catering, restaurant, wedding, party, banquet, picnic, birthday, buffets, cafeterias, and food service companies to serve your guest and keep food being fresh and delicious.


How Chafing dish work ?

A set chafing dish, included cover, top pan holding food, bottom pan containing hot water, fuel holder. The chafing dish can work with canned heat or an electrical heating component , so water is gently warmed. The food keep warm by warmed water.


How to select chafing dish?

The chafing dish used to keep food warm in an unique way. They have different shapes ,size,materials and work better with canned heat or electric. DONGZHAOWEI has some advice for you how to select a suitable chafing dish.
  • The shape and capacity — Chafing dish have round, rectangular and oval shape .Capacity ranges from 1.0 to 20 L. It should depend on how many people , what and where you use the chafing dish.
  • Heat sources — Chafing dish work with a canned chemical based flame or using an electric heating element.Canned heat is suitable for portability or for place where there is not electrical outlets. Electric heating is suitable for place where there is electrical outlets or place where do not allow open flames.
  • Chafing dish covers — Hinged, roll top and removable lids are all available. With roll top and hinged lids the food is covered when the lid is down. Removable lids let the food be on display .
  • Chafing dish material –Now many chafing dish are made by stainless steel 201 which is easy clean with dish washing liquid and dried with a soft towel.The handle,leg can made with brass, chrome, gold, silver and other accents to fit your preferences and budget.

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