Custom Round Chafing Dish 2 Pan with Glass Lid Holder

Round Chafing Dish 2 Pan with Glass Lid Holder

Our wholesale round chafing dish with glass lid allow a clear view of the food inside. The lid holder makes it easy to place the lid, which is more hygienic and saves space. Elevate your catering service with this round chafing dish.


Manufacturer DONGZHAOWEI
Material Stainless Steel 201 and Glass
Capacity 3.5 L;4.5 L;6.0 L;8.0 L
Color Silver
Design Round Shape
Lid Type Glass Removable Lid
Heat Fuel
Custom Color/Logo/Package
MOQ 200 sets

Company Introduction

Chafing dish & buffet equipment supplier and manufactrer—DONGZHAOWEI

Certification Mark



This round chafing dish for catering, which has a glass lid holder is made of stainless steel, durable and practical, and can simplify your self-service catering business.

Round Chafing Dish Dimension

DZW-A50353.5 L32.5 cm23.5 cm28 cm1950 g
DZW-A50404.5 L36 cm25 cm32 cm2600 g
DZW-A50456.0 L38.5 cm25.5 cm36.5 cm3250 g
DZW-A50508.0 L39.5 cm26.5 cm38.5 cm3600 g
Round chafing dish wholesale
round chafing dish supplier

Premium Round Chafing Dish Features:

Stainless Steel Durability:
Made of high-quality stainless steel, guaranteed durability and preservatives. Stainless steel stand wire design, and convenient transportation, make it an ideal choice for repeated use in professional settings.

Glass Lid with Vent Hole
All the gourmet food can be seen through the glass and with clear vision. The vent hole can prevent moisture build-up to guarantee new food quality.

Stainless Steel Lid Holder
Specifically designed to accommodate glass lids, the built-in holder ensures that your glass lids are securely and conveniently stored. This feature adds a layer of organization and efficiency to your catering service, allowing for seamless lid access.

Customizable Range

Support OEM&ODM

We support OEM ( print customer required color box or logo with a certain quantity,custom material/ style )

custom chafing dishes

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