Stainless Steel Serving Plate with Lid in Bulk

Stainless Steel Serving Plate with Lid in Bulk

Wholesale Stainless Steel Serving Plate with Lid, multiple sizes, gold and silver color combination suitable for many catering events. We offer factory priced bulk ordering programs, feel free to contact us to learn more!


Manufacturer DONGZHAOWEI
Material Stainless Steel 201
Diameter 26 cm,28 cm,30 cm,32-36 cm
Color Golden / Silver
Design With Tower lid
Shape Round shape
Custom color/logo/package
MOQ 200 sets

Company Introduction

Chafing dish & buffet equipment supplier and manufactrer—DONGZHAOWEI

Certification Mark



Stainless steel serving plate with tower lid and mirror polished dish, creating a gorgeous and unique look. Our line of serving plates offer a wide range of exquisite options for you to choose from.

Serving Plate Dimension

ITEM NO.ThicknessDiameter
Total HightKG
Plate 30cm0.5cm26 cm4 cm21.5cm650g
Plate 35cm0.5cm28 cm6.5 cm23cm885g
Plate 40cm0.52cm30 cm7 cm24cm1090g
Plate 45cm0.52cm32 cm8 cm26cm1450g
Plate 50cm0.56cm34 cm8 cm28cm1800g
Plate 55cm0.58cm36 cm9.5 cm31cm2200g
custom serving plate with lid
Serving plate with lid wholesale
Serving plate with lid

Premium Serving Plate Construction:
· High quality stainless steel material, safe and durable
· Silver mirror ploshed golden electroplated color does not fade
· Tower shape cover, beautiful and practical, easy to open
· Round chassis, flat bottom, place firmly against sliding

Customizable Range

Support OEM&ODM

We support OEM ( print customer required color box or logo with a certain quantity,custom material/ style )

custom chafing dishes

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